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Why 3D printing from Codtics ?

We provide 3D modelling and printing in a setting that is secure and safe for kids. Young age is the perfect time to expose 3D printing for kids.They will turn a straightforward geometric cube into a creation of their imagination by using industry-standard techniques, such as 3D extrusions and 3D digital sculpting. They will pick up hints, tricks, and related best practises for 3D modelling along the road. Not only does it encourage creativity, but it will also give them a head start on learning a technology that is quickly becoming an integral part of several industries. There seems to be no end to what this technology is capable of producing, from custom prosthetics to toys and other works of art. We play with technology every day. We learn every day. We invent every day. This playful culture of creativity, exploration, and invention is what we’d really like to teach and spread around the world.


A championship that combines elements of art and design in the Challenge. The kids are required to create and produce a product. A tangible product that will meet a need, a wish, or a problem must be designed, built, or drastically repurposed. There are four distinct entry levels. A static or non-functional prototype, such as a 3D print of their idea, is created using level 1 creativity. At Level 2, the component must act. It must be dynamic and functional in some way. For instance, it might be switchable or have movable hinges. At Level 3, things really start to pick up: the component must have some kind of "intelligent" technology. In other words, the prototype reacts to a specific circumstance or scenario automatically and selectively. All the components of level 3 are needed for level 4, and the prototype on display at the exhibition must also incorporate a fabrication or tooling process. Students can learn more deeply and become more adept at recognising STEM ideas in real-world problem-solving situations.

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