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Why AR/VR from Codtics ?

Virtual reality technology could very well become a pervasively integrated, accepted, and normalised way of life in another coming years. There will be a lot of potential for those who embrace it to develop, imagine, create, adapt, teach, and construct the hardware, software, and content for the future of virtual reality. The wave is approaching and has great potential. This is exactly why Codtics developed its AR/VR curriculum. The course primarily teaches Unity 3D game design, but it will also introduce students to programming logic, 3D modelling, animation techniques, and the creation of VR experiences. Give the children the head start they'll need for a future that's essentially already here.


Build your Reality in our AR/VR Challenge. The challenge aims to bring a solution to SDG through innovative and creative AR/VR to reality. Kids use the AR/VR technology to showcase their vision for future. Kids will have passion, energy and drive to see the idea become reality and solving a real-world problem. Kids create what is unknown. Solutions can be either AR or VR or a combination of both which would be mixed reality or extended reality (XR).

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