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Why Space Science from Codtics ?

Codtics aim includes encouraging the next generation of scientists to actively participate in the study of the cosmos. We are dedicated to giving our students a top-notch education in astronomy and space research. Every project we work on gives the chance to share with others, especially children, how important it is to foster a scientific temperament in order to build a civilised and analytical world. Astronomy and space science curricula have been successfully incorporated into the educational system. To meet the needs of schools and students we have created a variety of astronomy and space science teaching concepts through astronomy projects, workshops, tutorials, and modules based on school/college curricula.


Codtics organises a competition for students to identify future space scientists. The purpose of the event is to develop in students a scientific temperament and 21st century skills. Students will most likely have a tremendous opportunity to participate in the event. Astronomy and space science are among the more recent concepts that are popular among children. One of the special, distinctive, and cutting-edge platforms that offers students the chance to compete CWC. CWC gives students the opportunity to explore astronomy and space science and to interact with outstanding space scientists and subject experts.

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